The 3 Peat.

Whats up Mamba fans! Hope you guys had a great weekend. I spent mine relaxing and watching some football. Some of my family came into town from Texas. One of my uncles is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so we were watching that game last night. My uncle man, he spent the majority of time screaming right at the television as if he was there at the actual game.

As much of a sports fan he is, he is an even better businessman. He runs a very success business back home. You can check out his company at

I’ve learned a lot over the years from him.

Anyway, enough about my family. lets dive right in to todays discussion.

The 3 Peat

The year is 2002, and the lakers are coming off their 2nd consecutive NBA Championship against the Allen Iverson led Philadelphia 76ers. I talked about that in my last post, which you can check out here.

That year was one that started with Kobe and Shaq starting their so called feud. My honest opinion about that is with two great players like that, there is bound to be some issues eventually. It’s not the end of the world. As we were able to tell in 2002.

The opponent? before get into that, I gotta mention that this years playoffs was one that saw many calls that were “questionable” to say the least. And this was on both sides, East and West.

The Lakers matchup against the Kings in the Western Conference Finals was one that saw a call that eventually brought the “instant replay” into fruition.

With that said, the NBA Finals Matchup was the defending champs Lakers vs New Jersey Nets.

To be quite honest, this matchup wasn’t much a competition at all. The lakers went on to sweep the Nets in 4 games to win their 3rd straight NBA championship and conquering the notorious 3 Peat.

This would end up being the last championship that Kobe and Shaq would win playing together. Soon Shaq would be traded to the Heat and Kobe became the solo face of the franchise.

Here is a video recap of the 3 peat championship series winning Game 4.

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