The First Ring

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Alright, so todays trip down memory lane is the first NBA Championship the Black Mamba ever won.

The year? 2000

The opponent? The Indiana Pacers

I remember visiting some of my family in Dallas Texas and watching Games 1 and 2 there.

What many won’t remember is that Kobe actually suffered an ankle injury in Game 2 of the series.

We all know how much of a competitor he is, so I can only imagine how much it killed him to have to sit out Game 3.

But he bounced back in Game 4 and scored 28 points to lead the Lakers and get the W.

When looking back, the Pacers actually had a great team. I hated Reggie Miller. I don’t really dislike many players, but he was definitely one of them growing up. Now that I look back, I truly understand how great of a shooter he really was. the amount of respect he drew from the opposing team was intense. Ok, enough about the Pacers, lets get back to the better team.

The Lakers closed out the series in 6 games. This series was definitely a growing time for Kobe. He had to really overcome some obstacles, an ankle injury, some bad shooting nights..

But hey, thats just how it goes sometimes. The end result of winning a championship was worth it!

Heres a video of the championship clinching game 6, Enjoy!

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