Why I started this blog

What’s up guys! As you already know my name is Max..

I wanted to take the time to let you guys know exactly why I decided to start this blog..

as well as give you a little background info on me..

I am 27 years old and live in Los Angeles.

I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life.

Growing up I always wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else. But I would immediately think to myself “C”mon Bro, this is LA”

The greatest city in the world!

With that said, you can guess that I stayed home to go to college, USC.

I actually was able to go there on a full ride basketball scholarship.

I’m done playing now, but still love the game.

Being from LA, you probably can already tell them I am a fan of a certain NBA player.

Oh you’re not sure who?


And when I say fan, I mean die hard.

I have the majority of his shoes, which has taken a lot of time, and money over the years.

Back when I played basketball, i really tried to emulate my game like his. I would study his film for hours and hours.

His game and footwork were hands down, the best in the game.

right behind Michael Jordan of course.

I remember being in HS and going to basketball practice early one morning and hearing one of my coaches talk about his 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors the night before.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I mean 81 points!?

that was definitely the most points scored in my era of watching basketball.

Now that Kobe retired this past year..

“queue the sad music and tears”

I wanted to make this blog in memory of his great career.

I wanted to have a place where I could reminisce and talk about Kobe’s greatest moments with other Kobe fans.

which, if you are here..

tells me that you are more than likely a big fan of him as well.

anyway, jus thought I’d make this first post..

stay tuned tomorrow where I will talk about some of my greatest Kobe Bryant memories!


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